Medication Therapy Management

Services to identify, prevent, and solve medication-related problems to optimize therapeutic outcomes

Medication Therapy Management is a common solution for geriatric patients at high risk for medication-related problems. These can be due to polypharmacy associated with multiple underlying diseases and age-related physiologic changes, pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetics

Custom platform built to help reduce $500B in medication related problems in U.S.
MTM can reduce the approx. 1.5 million preventable adverse drug events (ADEs) per year due to medication errors

40% of the adults over 65 and 90% of adults over 75, take 5 or more medications

There’s an 82% risk of an adverse drug reaction occurring in patients who take 7 or more medications

Medication Therapy Management reduces medication-related problems and reduces healthcare-related costs through:

Nearly half of the Medicare Parts C and D Star Ratings quality measures are linked to Medication Therapy Management use for these categories: outcome, patient experience improvement, and MTM process.

Medicare Part C Measures we Target to improve star ratings


Medicare Part D Measures we Target to improve star ratings


Customized medication therapy management platforms for CMS quality measures

Our MTM solutions include a nationwide team of clinical pharmacists who are available to your patients 24/7. With patented AI technology, these pharmacists have the qualifications to identify, predict, prevent, and resolve medication-related problems and disease care gaps. The results are improved financial and patient health outcomes.

Customizable MTM solutions:

verify eligibility, serve outpatients, and achieve better health outcomes

Aligns with your strategic goals and meets regulatory standards including CMS reporting requirements

Addresses Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) through predictive and real-time analytics and risk stratification algorithms

Specialized or custom programs with a focus on specific disease states or high-risk populations

Delivers valuable business intelligence and insights for population risk management

Nationwide Coverage of MTM services to patients in all 50 states through pharmacists who are available 24/7

Program and Compliance Support including CMS audits, internal audits, reporting, MTM program submissions etc

High-touch and high-quality Comprehensive Medication Reviews (CMRs)

Transitions of Care and follow-up after emergency department visit for people with multiple high-risk chronic conditions

Pharmacist-patient match based on disease states and language preference

Standardized patient and prescriber communications that include welcome letters, patient medication list and/or patient takeaway materials, and prescriber communications

AI-Driven MTM Technology

AI-Driven Comprehensive Disease And Medication Management Process

Payors benefit from using MTM services

Patients AND Providers benefits of MTM services

Patients appreciate the support of a structured Medication Therapy Management program. Engagement with PharmD Live is designed to improve health and reduce costs with quantifiable benefits including:

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