Diabetes Prevention Program

Working together to prevent diabetes

84 Million adults have prediabetes & 9/10 don’t know it

Diabetes causes $237 billion in direct medical costs

Many Americans Are At Risk

Over 30% of adults are prediabetic and at risk for developing type 2 diabetes. A proven route to preventing diabetes focuses on better nutrition, being more active, and reducing stress. Yet many Americans struggle to achieve these lifestyle modifications and continue to be at risk for diabetes, heart attack and stroke.

PharmD Live® is committed to impacting lives through valuable engagements and empowerment. Our AI-Driven platform provides intensive, evidence-based, lifestyle and behavioral social interventions to prevent diabetes.

A Structured, Simplified Approach to Diabetes Prevention

Regular telehealth engagements with PharmD Live’s clinical pharmacists help patients learn new skills, set and meet goals, and stay motivated.

Evidence-Based Dynamic Care Pathways

PharmD Live helps patients at risk for type 2 diabetes make sustainable, healthy lifestyle changes and achieve weight loss

A Win-Win for Patients and Providers

Let PharmD Live help your patients meet their goals

2021 FDA-Approved Medications and Treatment Guidelines Update Webinar

Join our medication experts to learn about:
1. The newly approved medications for chronic diseases in 2021
2. Noteworthy changes in the disease treatment guidelines
3. And their impact on your patient population and quality measures

Wednesday November 17 @ 1pm EST
Last Chance to register!