Thrive in a value-based care world with solutions that improve patient outcomes, quality measures performance, and profitability.

PharmD Live offers scalable and customizable value-based telehealth solutions driven by analytics, powered by AI technology, and delivered by clinical pharmacists.

Our mission is to close care gaps and improve patient outcomes, boost quality measures, reduce costs and maximize profitability for physicians, health systems, Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs) and payors.

Our solutions

Disease oversight, management, and education extended to patients and caregivers

State-of-the-art devices used to capture real-time data to enable proactive clinical interventions

Supporting your patients during care transitions to reduce hospital readmissions

Optimize your patients’ health through health risk assessments and personalized disease prevention plans

Monitoring medication adherence prevents adverse drug events

Reducing adverse drug events leads to better health

Identifying drug therapy responders and non-responders and subsequently guide the creation of individualized treatment plans and dose optimization

Evidence-based, cost-effective interventions that help prevent type 2 diabetes and mitigate the serious conditions associated with prediabetes

Impact on Quality Measures

Designed to target and improve CMS quality measures including 88 MIPS/APMs Measures, ACO, HEDIS, CPC+, Primary Care First and DCE measures

24/7 Service

Around-the-Clock Access to a nationwide network of clinical pharmacists.

Cutting-edge Technology

PharmD Live’s 24/7 telehealth solutions are powered by our proprietary AI-driven platform which seamlessly integrates with most EHRs and includes risk stratification, predictive analytics, and medication risk management algorithms.

Find out more about our solutions

2021 FDA-Approved Medications and Treatment Guidelines Update Webinar

Join our medication experts to learn about:
1. The newly approved medications for chronic diseases in 2021
2. Noteworthy changes in the disease treatment guidelines
3. And their impact on your patient population and quality measures

Wednesday November 17 @ 1pm EST
Last Chance to register!