The combination of Covid-19 and a trend towards remote patient care has caused a massive acceleration in the use of telehealth

PharmD Live partners with physicians and other providers to deliver telehealth care solutions for patients with multiple chronic diseases. Our collaborative pharmacist-led telehealth solutions include advanced Chronic Care Management (CCM), Medication Therapy Management, Transition Care Management and Remote Patient Monitoring.

Problems we address:

Adverse Drug Events (ADE) are the 4th leading cause of death in the US resulting in more than 100k deaths/year

Everyday, 750 seniors in the US are hospitalized because of an Adverse Drug Event (ADE)

Medication-related Problems cost the US$528.4B

Digital health companies in the US raised $4B in venture capital funding during the third quarter of 2020, a 139% increase compared to 2019

Industry Acclaim

The Illinois Critical Access Hospital Network, more commonly referred to as ICAHN, has selected PharmD Live as an approved telehealth for the 52 hospitals it oversees. Our nascent company was invited to participate in their RFP process competing against some of the more established telehealth companies. ICAHN realized that our solution, which puts clinical pharmacists at the core of telehealth care delivery for CCM and RPM, offers more value and better outcomes for patients.
PharmD Live has been endorsed as a Top 5 Post-Acute Care Solution

Impacting Healthcare by StartUs Insights using data-driven analysis of 762 startups.

Johnson & Johnson Impact Ventures recognized PharmD Live as one of the Top 12 Healthcare start-ups shaping telehealth.

“ In America’s fragmented healthcare system, millions of people with chronic conditions desperately need coordinated care. With over $4.3 trillion in expected annual costs by 2024, chronic conditions account for nearly 86% of U.S. healthcare spending.”

— Dr. Cynthia C. Nwaubani, PharmD, BCGP
CEO PharmD Live

Proprietary Telehealth Technology

PharmD Live’s 24/7 telehealth solutions are powered by our proprietary AI-driven platform which seamlessly integrates with most EHRs and aggregates and analyzes unique clinical and social determinants of health to identify medication risks and gaps in care and prioritize actionable clinical interventions.

Untapped CCM Opportunity

$4.15 T

Expenses related to chronic care are expected to increase 22% over the next four years, culminating in $4.15 trillion in annual chronic care

$40 B

In available CCM funding that was authorized by Medicare in 2019, although less than 1.5% was spent


Of patients participating in CCM reported finding medical errors significant enough to cause an adverse effect


Patients who reported a reduction in hospital readmissions following participation in CCM

Investor Relations

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PharmD Live
1629 K St NW, Suite 300, Washington, DC 20006

Invest to Save Lives

PharmD Live is currently raising our seed round goal of $1 million in funding to support revenue-producing initiatives for a projected 8000 patients in the first year, and an annualized revenue of nearly $7 million.

2021 FDA-Approved Medications and Treatment Guidelines Update Webinar

Join our medication experts to learn about:
1. The newly approved medications for chronic diseases in 2021
2. Noteworthy changes in the disease treatment guidelines
3. And their impact on your patient population and quality measures

Wednesday November 17 @ 1pm EST
Last Chance to register!