Part B reimbursement: earn revenue while saving time

Woman contemplates a tall stack of files with a weary look

Burnout can keep the best from wanting to open the doctor’s office each day A national survey, The Physician Task Load and the Risk of Burnout Among US Physicians (The Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety 2021; 47:76–85), describes the look and feel of an albatross around the necks of struggling providers. The […]

Value-Based Care & Compensation

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Change is a necessary force in rebalancing systems.  Even a tiny application of change can yield substantial effects over time.  Americans are changing how we approach healthcare reimbursement and compensation from a solid “Fee For Service” (FFS) tradition to a Value-Based Care (VBC) model.  “All physicians are familiar with the physician fee schedule (PFS) model […]

Diabetic Patients In Value-Based Care: Creating The Win For Patients And Physicians

National Diabetes Month presents the opportunity to examine the process of improving diabetic health outcomes and boosting quality metrics. As a clinical pharmacist and medication expert, I understand the complexities of diabetes and believe it is critical to examine changes through the continuum of care as the national healthcare paradigm has shifted and the market […]

Reducing Burden In A Value-Based Care Model: What Physicians Need To Know

Physicians who treat a high-volume of Medicare patients will see changes January 1, as changes to Quality Payment Program (QPP) reimbursement models—MIPS (Merit-Based Incentive Payment System) and APMS (Alternative Payment Models)—take effect as part of the nation’s transition to value-based care. Value-based care ties reimbursements to outcomes, replacing the outdated fee-for-service model which garnered criticism […]