PharmD Live’s Top 10 Blog Posts of 2021

PharmD Live writes and publishes blogs for different reasons: to impart knowledge and best practices on things like value-based care and medication management, to highlight important changes in a constantly shifting industry, and to grow our community of health providers who want to improve health outcomes through value-based care clinical solutions.  Below, we have compiled […]

Preventing Adverse Drug Events

Elderly Potential Adverse Drug Event

By:  Hannah Grice, PharmD Adverse Drug Events Room for error:  In the elderly population, medications have gone from blessing to possible threat.  Prescriptions are being written liberally and scripts for the elderly are roughly 33% of the US total.  “One in six hospital admissions of older adults is because of an adverse drug event (ADE), […]

Medicare Open Enrollment: How To Choose?

Medicare is a government program that provides subsidized healthcare coverage for those aged 65+ years or people with disabilities. There are two kinds of Medicare: “original” Medicare (aka Medicare) and Medicare Advantage. Figuring out which plan is best suited for you can be challenging, so knowing the basics of each plan can help you choose […]

Thanksgiving Stuffing. It’s Not What You Think!

Most people look forward to Thanksgiving, and since it comes around once a year, why not literally make the most of it by stuffing yourself with all that delicious food, right? Wrong. Thanksgiving and the days after are some of the busiest days in the emergency room. Since the holiday is highly associated with overeating, […]

Who You Gonna Call? Telepharmacy And Patient Outcomes

From December to May of 2020, telehealth use increased from 8-29% due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The increase in use was likely due to patients being more cautious about leaving their homes. Additionally, some state governors signed executive orders that eased some of the restrictions of telehealth, which also increased its use. Telepharmacy is a […]

On The Horizon For 2020: PharmD Live’s Review Of Top Healthcare Trends

PharmD Live is looking to the future of healthcare with an analysis of emerging trends in the rapidly evolving world of patient care. Our focus in 2020 will be applying the best innovations and approaches that support our core values of empowerment, whole-patient care, customization, innovation, and value. Top Trend #1: Virtual Health Consumers are […]

Clinical Pharmacists’ Role In Breast Cancer Treatment For Older Women

The clinical pharmacist can play a significant role in helping women with breast cancer achieve the best possible treatment outcomes and help reduce the impact of adverse side effects. Over the years, clinical pharmacists have become crucial members of the multidisciplinary teams who treat breast cancer patients.  Cancer treatment can be more challenging and complicated […]

Breast Cancer In Women Over 60

The National Cancer Institute estimates that 1 in 8 women living in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. Gender and age are the most significant risk factors for developing breast cancer, with approximately 95% of all cases occurring in women 40 and older. It is a leading cause of […]

Continuous Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems Part 1: The Evolution Of Blood Glucose Monitoring In The Diabetic Patient

According to the American Diabetes Association, one in eleven Americans have diabetes. Of the 23.1 million Americans living with this condition, about 32% are prescribed insulin either as monotherapy or in combination with oral antidiabetic medications to treat their high blood sugar. A cornerstone of effective diabetes management, especially for patients taking insulin, is monitoring […]

Primary Care Providers Face A “STEEEP” Hill To Climb

But They Don’t Have to Do It Alone By Elliot Sternberg, MD PharmD Live, Chief Medical Officer The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has embraced a framework created by the Institute for Health Improvement (IHI) designed to optimize the American healthcare system: Improve Patient Care Reduce Healthcare Costs          Improve Population Health CMS has […]