The Affect Ageism Has In Healthcare

Ageism in healthcare tends to affect people quietly, but its habitual practice is widespread, and its impact is real. Ageism can be explicit or implicit in its execution and can manifest in various ways, but at its core, there are three components that can result in ageism. Age discrimination, or the harmful treatment of older […]

Bridging the Gap: Tools to Improve Health Literacy

Nicole Salata, PharmD, MS, MBA, a pharmacist with PharmD Live, encountered a 50+-year-old woman on two types of insulin and four anti-diabetic oral medications who still regularly had blood sugar levels in the 200-300 range. The Spanish-speaking patient had a language barrier, among other health literacy issues. Dr. Salata is a fluent Spanish speaker as well. […]

A Healthy Attitude is Ageless

Aging is not a disease, doctors teach patients Satchel Paige, pitcher and authority on aging, pondered, “How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you was?” A healthy attitude is ageless. Marshall Eidenberg, DO, regional medical director at PharmD Live, says, “Aging is going to happen if we are lucky enough to […]

Enhancing Medicare Patients’ Quality of Life

Smiling seniors enjoying enhanced life

Chronic Care Management Makes Graceful Aging Possible Susan Widmar – content writer Some say aging isn’t for sissies. At her 100th birthday party, the celebrant answered what it was like to be 100, “Don’t work for it, honey.” Dan Buettner’s Blue Zone1 studies have made healthy aging part of our daily lexicon. He offers step-by-step […]

Seniors and Their Meds: Top 5 Recommendations on Medication Safety

Elderly woman reviewing medication bottle

By Saima Ayub Safely managing medications is crucial for senior health. Studies have shown that roughly 90% of older adults aged 65+ take one medicine, 40% take more than five, and 20% take more than ten. The older one gets, the odds of taking more medications increase and can lead to increased side effects and […]

10 Ingredients for Aging Healthily

Group of Seniors Smiling Together

By: Hannah Grice, PharmD September is Healthy Aging Month and has been created to bring national awareness to positive aspects of aging. According to the US Census Bureau, in July of 2019, there were more than 54 million people 65 and older living in the U.S.1 The number of older adults is projected to continue […]