Chronically ill Patients Thrive With Chronic Care Management & Risk Stratification

Elderly man with COPD

As a physician, you face a caseload with multiple risk profiles, conditions and age demographics.  While some patients only require an office visit, others require ongoing specialty care.  Patients rely, more than ever, on your medical wisdom and assessment of their conditions.  Handling this diversity of conditions is not beyond your skills, but seems to […]

The Growth of Telehealth & Chronic Care Management in the Wake of COVID-19

By Richard Korecky, PharmD Animals can adapt, but humans are infinitely adaptable. COVID-19 made us change how we lived, worked, played, shopped, and more for over a year. Humans primarily responded by taking precautions: wearing masks, staying distant, and hand-washing. Hanging plastic and plexiglass were used universally around the globe. Open hours – hours that […]

Top 10 Reasons Why Your Practice Should Consider Chronic Care Management (CCM)

According to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), 45 million of the 60 million eligible Medicare beneficiaries have 2 or more chronic conditions. These conditions affect a patient’s quality of life.  They are often complex, costly, time-consuming to manage and frequently require after hours care. Independent studies indicate that primary care physicians are […]

Why Should Physicians Participate in Medicare’s Chronic Care Management?

The US healthcare system is designed to serve people with short-term, acute medical problems.  The system is less equipped to provide care to people with long-term chronic conditions.  The statistics are alarming.  These patients “…account for 81% of hospital admissions; 91% of all prescriptions filled; and 76% of all physician visits.”  The “Silver Tsunami”, as […]

The Triple Win: How CCM Benefits Patients, Practices And Bottom Lines

In 2015, Primary Care Physicians became eligible to receive Medicare reimbursement for non-face-to-face Chronic Care Management (CCM) Services for patients with two or more chronic conditions under current procedural terminology (CPT) Code 99490. An additional CPT Code (99487) was added in 2017 for Complex CCM, enabling physicians to bill for additional 30 minute increments of […]