Chronically ill Patients Thrive With Chronic Care Management & Risk Stratification

Elderly man with COPD

As a physician, you face a caseload with multiple risk profiles, conditions and age demographics.  While some patients only require an office visit, others require ongoing specialty care.  Patients rely, more than ever, on your medical wisdom and assessment of their conditions.  Handling this diversity of conditions is not beyond your skills, but seems to […]

Anticholinergic Medications in the Beers Criteria

Pharmacist holding a pill

By Hannah Grice, PharmD The Beers Criteria®1 is a leading source of expert information about potentially inappropriate medications (PIM) in older adults. While these medications are generally harmless in young patients, they can have detrimental effects in older adults. Physicians and pharmacists can easily overlook misuse of these drugs, as many are readily available to […]