Chronic Care Medications Report

When: November 17, 2021

Time: 13:00


This Chronic Care Medication Update Webinar, will cover the latest FDA-approved medications and provide an interactive discussion about delivering the best care for chronic condition patients.
The Chronic Care Medication Update Webinar will feature an expert panel offering their insight regarding PharmD Live’s Quarterly Clinical Report, a pharmacist-led review of the latest FDA-approved medications for chronic diseases.


Dr. Cynthia C. Nwaubani, BCGP, CMTM


Richard Korecky PharmD, MBA

Director, Clinical Pharmacy, PharmD Live

Kelly Wesselman, PharmD

Pharmacist, PharmD Live

Dr. David Whitehouse MD

Advisory Board Member, PharmD Live

Dr. Marshall Eidenberg, MD

Regional Medical Director, PharmD Live

2021 FDA-Approved Medications and Treatment Guidelines Update Webinar

Join our medication experts to learn about:
1. The newly approved medications for chronic diseases in 2021
2. Noteworthy changes in the disease treatment guidelines
3. And their impact on your patient population and quality measures

Wednesday November 17 @ 1pm EST
Last Chance to register!