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Smooth care transitions for healthier outcomes and peace of mind

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We ease your transition from hospital or rehabilitation facility to your home setting, ensuring you and your caregiver(s) have an accurate medication list, side-effects are managed and education is provided. A board-certified pharmacist is a phone call away--24/7/365--providing you support and peace of mind. 

Moving to a new care setting can be difficult--whether it’s a skilled nursing facility, an inpatient rehabilitation facility or home. Changes may include a different schedule, unfamiliar surroundings and new health professionals. Our Transitions of Care services ease care transitions--for you and your caregivers--ensuring a seamless progression to the new setting.

Our board-certified pharmacists are available (by computer or telephone) around the clock, prepared to answer any questions regarding your care and medications. We utilize our comprehensive software to ensure your care is just as it should be--consistent, compassionate and coordinated. We help you avoid any medication-related problems, ensuring your medication list is accurate and optimal.

How TCM SERVICES help patients and caregiveRS

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Reduces costs

Keeping you healthy means fewer hospital stays--and lower medical costs. 

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proper planning

We ease the burden of planning and coordination, so you can focus on health and wellness. 

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We educate, answer your questions and coordinate your care. 

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We educate you and your caregiver to help you obtain the best outcome possible.