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Turnkey Chronic Care Management (CCM) Services

innovative software + Pharmacist-Led coordinated care    

Research indicates CCM services increase Primary Care Physician visits by 1 appointment per year, while decreasing hospitalizations and emergency department visits. In addition, PharmD Live’s Chronic Care Management (CCM) Services allow your practice to bill for between-visit care for patients with chronic conditions. PharmD Live’s turnkey solution combines proprietary software and pharmacist-led care coordination services to improve outcomes for patients with two or more chronic conditions.

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Getting Started with CCM Services

PharmD Live’s comprehensive Chronic Care Management Program and streamlined on-boarding process allows you to bill for CPT 99490 within 30 days of practice enrollment. PharmD Live provides care coordination through our proprietary technology on behalf of your practice; ensuring better patient outcomes while generating revenue.

PharmD Live CCM Benefits for physicians 

  • Improve MIPS and APMs quality measures

  • Improve care coordination

  • Provide an additional revenue stream

  • Enhance patient experience and empowerment

  • Increase patient loyalty

  • Strengthen provider-patient relationship

  • Identify omissions in care and early intervention opportunities

  • Reduce hospital and emergency room admissions through patient education and intervention

  • Reduce preventable complications through patient education, lifestyle changes, and intervention

  • Allow providers to focus on critical and high reimbursement-related activities

Option Two

innovative software

Purchase PharmD Live’s software solution and administrate CCM Services using your practice providers and billing administrators.  


Option One

software + pharmacist-led care 

PharmD Live’s board-certified pharmacists provide care coordination, telephone or video consultations, disease state management, medication therapy management,  between-visit care and 24/7/365 access to care. Your practice administrator bills Medicare.