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Incorporate annual well visits (AWVs) into your practice with PharmD Live’s secure and intuitive platform, without interrupting daily operations. Staffed by our clinicians or yours—PharmD Live’s turnkey technology ensures a smooth process for providers and patients. PharmD Live's AWV program is designed to capture high-yield data in an efficient manner and maximizes practice billing with no additional cost to the patient.

PharmD Live’s HIPAA-compliant platform integrates seamlessly with your EHR—allowing bidirectional data flow between systems—so all clinicians stay informed. 

Why Integrate PharmD Live’s AWV Solutions?

  • Improve care coordination

  • Improve patient experience and increase patient loyalty

  • Provide an additional revenue stream

  • Improve MACRA and MIPS quality metrics

  • Identify omissions in care and early intervention opportunities

  • Reduce hospital and emergency room admissions through patient education and intervention

  • Reduce preventable complications through patient education, lifestyle changes, and intervention

  • Provide more time for providers to focus on critical and high reimbursement-related activities

  • Decrease administrative burden

Software Key Features

  • Enhanced security features (HIPAA, HITECH, HITRUST compliant)
  • Video consultations

  • Accessible 24 hours per day, seven days a week

  • Interoperable interfaces with most EHRs
  • Fully customizable clinical modules

  • RxADE profile - Custom side effect profiling